Impacts of Immigration and Cultural Diversity on Innovation and Economic Growth

PhD Thesis# 565
Ceren (C.) Ozgen
Prof. P. Nijkamp, Prof. H.J. Poot


Today, one out of every 33 people in the world is an immigrant. With the increasing scale and complexity of immigration, an important question is what are the economic consequences of this massive mobility? The focus of this thesis is the innovation and economic growth impacts of international immigrants and cultural diversity. The empirical findings from national, regional and firm level analyses show that composition of immigrants is more important than the size of immigrant population for innovations and economic growth. The thesis shows that immigrants can be beneficial both at the firm and the regional levels to facilitate international, interregional and across firms’ knowledge spillovers and increase productivity. In addition, with their talent and unique combination of diverse backgrounds they increase firms’ ability to innovate products and services.

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