Venture Capital: Relations with the Economy and Intellectual Property

PhD Thesis# 569
Geertjan (A.G.B.) de Vries
Prof. H.P.G. Pennings, Prof. J.H. Block


This thesis analyzes venture capital (VC) investments under changing economic conditions and in relation to start-ups’ intellectual property (IP) filings. Studying the impact of the 2000-2001 dot-com crisis and the 2008-2009 financial crisis, the first part of this thesis investigates how a period of economic downturn affects VC activities across industries and countries. The second part of this thesis examines VC-backed start-ups’ IP filings. The relationship between IP filings and start-up valuations by VCs is addressed. In addition, part two analyzes the impact of VC funding on a start-up’s IP orientation, distinguishing between a trademark- and a patent orientated IP strategy. Findings show a strong link between economic conditions and funding stages, funded amounts, and syndication activities in the VC market. With regard to IP, this thesis shows that VCs attach significant value to start-ups’ trademark applications.

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