TI offers excellent job placement prospects. Our intensive job placement service and the extensive international networks of TI’s research fellows and PhD supervisors secure placements in leading national and international academic and private institutions for our PhD candidates.

Below you will find a selection of recent top placements of our PhD alumni of 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017. A detailed placement record for recent graduates per year can be found by clicking on the links at the left side of this page.



David Smerdon (2017)
First placement: Assistant Professor at The University of Queensland (Australia)
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Lennart Ziegler (2017)
First placement:Assistant Professor at the University of Vienna (Austria)
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Wenqian Huang (2017)
First placement: Researcher at Bank for International Settlements (Switzerland)
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Zhaokun Zhang (2017)
First placement: Assistant Professor at Shanghai University (China)
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Stephanie Chan (2017)
First placement: Assistant Professor at Xiamen University (China)
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Guilherme de Oliveira (2017)
First placement: Postdoc Researcher at the Center on Global Legal Transformation at Columbia Law School (USA)
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Simin He (2016)
First placement: Assistant Professor, School of Economics, Shanghai University of Finance and Economics (China)
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Uyanga Turmunkh (2016)
First placement: Post-Doctoral Research Fellow, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, (USA)

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Xiye Yang




Xiye Yang (2015)
First placement: Assistant Professor, Rutgers University (USA)
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Bart Yueshen Zhou (2014)
First placement: Assistant Professor, INSEAD, Fontainebleau (France)
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Geert Mesters (2015)
First placement: Assistant Professor, University Pompeu Fabra Barcelona (Spain)
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Marius Zoican




Marius Zoican (2015)
First placement: Assistant Professor, Université Paris-Dauphine (France). Marius will be joining University of Toronto Mississauga and Rotman School of Management from July 2018

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Bastian Ravesteijn (2015)
First placement: Harkness Fellow, Harvard University (USA)
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Eszter Czibor




Eszter Czibor (2015)
First placement: Post-Doctoral Scholar, University of Chicago (USA)
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Gosia Poplawska (2014)
First placement: Postdoctoral Research Officer, University of Oxford (UK)
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Lerby Ergun (2015)
First placement: Postdoctoral Research Officer, London School of Economics (UK)

Currently: Senior Economist Bank of Canada

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Boris van Leeuwen (2014)
First placement: Research Fellow at the Institute for Advanced Study in Toulouse and the Toulouse School of Economics (France)

Currently: Assistant Professor University of Tilburg

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