Many 4-year PhD students are directly hired for a specific research project and did not complete a research master program before starting PhD research. A concise set of TI courses gives these PhD students the opportunity to acquire additional and necessary knowledge and skills. Depending on the chosen course package, the amount of credits for this educational program amounts to 40-48 ECTS. Students who complete the educational program qualify for the TI Research Qualification.

The TI Research Qualification is a condition for access to additional TI facilities, e.g. support on the job market in the final phase of the PhD period including an additional budget to participate in international job market activities (this applies to PhD students appointed on or after September 1, 2012).

Students who have completed TI’s MPhil program and students who have completed another, comparable high level research master program (to be assessed by the Director of Graduate Studies) already fulfill TI’s educational requirement and have access to the same additional facilities as students with the TI Research Qualification. All other students need to complete one of the educational course packages in the first 32 months of their PhD appointment.

Further rules and regulations can be found in the program brochure, Appendix II.

The TI Research Qualification will be awarded in a festive ceremony.