Please note: the links below refer to the 2018-2019 course guide.

In the MPhil program’s second year, students have to choose a research major (i.e. pass 4 field courses within the same research major).

The research majors (which correspond to the TI research groups) are:

1. Behavioral and Experimental Economics (BEE) – Courses

2. Cooperative Behavior, Strategic Interaction, and Complex Systems (CSC) – Courses

3. Econometrics and Operations Research (ECTOR) – Courses

4. Finance (FIN) – Courses

5. Macroeconomics and International Economics (MIE) – Courses

6. Labor, Health, Education and Development (LHED) – Courses

7. Organizations and Markets (OM) – Courses

8. Spatial, Transport, and Environmental Economics (STEE) – Courses

NEW! A new major will be availabe for students who start the program in September 2018: Data science for Business and Economics. More details will follow soon.