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TI Variety Show on June 6, 2018

The TI Variety show has gained quite some reputation within the last years. This year’s edition included guitar playing, dance, improvisational theathre, professional chess playing and as a grand finale the TI band lightened up the show with a potpurri.


Bowling Night on May 9, 2018

Annual Chess Tournament, March 23, 2018

The tournament of the year for chess-loving economists.

Karaoke night on Sunday March 11, 2018

Ice Skating

On January 13, we went ice skating at Jaap Edenbaan in Amsterdam.

Sinterklaas 2017

On Friday December 1 we will celebrate  Sinterklaas at Tinbergen Institute Amsterdam. This is a Dutch tradition with funny poems, gifts and pepernoten (a small cookie-like kind of confectionery).

End-of-the-block dinner October 2017


Introduction Weekend 2017 – Cohort 2017-2019

A new year, a new cohort. The Students Council organised a get-together weekend in the Hauge where the new MPhil students could get to know each other better.

TI Variety Show 2017

The TI Variety show has gained quite some reputation within the last years by breathtaking performances  and extraordinary shows. This year’s edition takes place in the Arguszaal at the Griffioen Cultural Centre on Tuesday June 20, 7 pm. No registration needed, however, seats are limited so make sure you are on time.

TI Chess Tournament 2017

On May 17, 2017, the TI Student Council again organized a fun chess tournament for the chess-loving economists.

Ice Skating

The winter may be cold and dark, but it also means it’s time for one of the funnest events of TI: ice skating! On January 14, we went ice skating at Jaap Edenbaan, and afterwards warmed up with a drink in a nearby bar.

Secret Sinterklaas 2016

As we do every year, we celebrated the Dutch tradition of Sinterklaas. We had a great evening with funny poems, gifts and pepernoten. Last but not least, we even received a visit from Sinterklaas and her(!) Pieten!

End-of-the-block dinner

To celebrate our first years surviving the first block, we organized an End of the Block dinner in Cafe de Jaren on October 25. We had 40 people, both MPhil and PhD students, who enjoyed some quality food and drinks with us. It was again a great success!

Introduction Weekend 2016

To celebrate our new cohort, the Students Council and 23 first-year students enjoyed an exciting weekend in Rotterdam. After lunch, students discovered the city with a Goosechase, where they both experienced the main highlights of Rotterdam (including climbing the Euromast) as well as some nice cafes. After dinner and some drinks, we went out to explore the Rotterdam nightlife. All in all we had a great time, and it was a great bonding experience!

End-of-the-year boat party

Nothing more typical Amsterdam than a trip on the beautiful canals, so this year we decided to celebrate the end of the last block with a boat party! It was a great success.

TI Variety Show 2016

The TI Variety show has gained quite some reputation within the last years by breathtaking performances and extraordinary shows. This year’s edition took place at Griffioen Cultural Centre on June 24.

Zuidas Run 2016

The Tinbergen Institute team finished on an impressive seventh out of 51 teams at this year’s Zuidas Run. MPhil student Simon Mayer had the fastest individual 10-mile time and finished seventeenth out of 757 runners.  View all results here.


TIA Chess Tournament 2016

This year’s Tinbergen Chess Championships took place on Tuesday March 22 at TIA.

Indoor Soccer and Farewell former DGS

On February 19, 2016 we organized an indoor soccer tournament and informal farewell party for our former Director of Graduate Studies Massimo Giuliodori. Teams with fellows PhD and MPhil students from the three universities joined. The TI staff participated with its on team.

Ice Skating 2016

Sinterklaas 2015

The event included funny presents, sarcastic poems, pepernoten, glühwein, and of course Sinterklaas.

Introduction Weekend 2015

A new year, a new cohort. On the first weekend of Block I, the Students Council and the 23 new MPhil students had an exciting time together during the introduction day. Accompanied by the capricious Dutch weather, we explored Den Haag on a treasure hunt with regular stops at beer pubs to refresh ourselves. We tasted the huge variety of food across countries at the annual embassy festival before we wrapped up the day with a cozy party with good music and good beer.
2015-09-05 13.41.102015-09-05 15.08.562015-09-05 16.23.4911997337_10206719151084604_478508574_n

End-of-the-year BBQ

This year, we celebrated the end of the 5th block in the typical Amsterdam-style: by having a BBQ in the Vondelpark. Surrounded by trees and water, with sounds of music from other BBQers we grilled our food and enjoyed the afternoon sun. Was a well deserved, relaxing day for students of all cohorts.


TI Variety Show 2015

The TI Variety show has gained quite some reputation within the last years by breathtaking performances and extraordinary shows. Also this year, around 15 artists from our own ranks gathered a bit more than one week before the final exams in order to give us some more motivation for the upcoming obstacles. We were very pleased to see a wide range of different things – from Turkish vocals, magic tricks, live preparation of Hummus to Chinese dance. We are very grateful for the high quality of our artists and we are already looking forward to next year’s edition!

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Zuidas Run 2015

The Tinbergen Institute Team for the Zuidas Run 2015 of 8 brave MPhil and PhD students who took up the distance of 10 miles (16km) with the TI logo on their chests. Unfortunately no team ranking has been published this year, but the individual results were impressive. Most importantly, the Run gave all of the team members a lot of satisfaction and good boost of energy before the challenges of exam and thesis-writing period.


International Dinner 2015

With delicious food, a great atmosphere and smooth jazz music, we transformed our institute from a hub of learning and wisdom into a banquet for gourmets and head chefs. And although our buffet was full of shining examples of each national cuisine, one dish in particular eclipsed them all: Huyen Nguyen’s mouth-watering Vietnamese spring rolls blew us away and got her the well-deserved first prize!

11081061_10206066831932771_7882803329205052492_n 11103882_10200408414130269_173416920_n

11129711_10153191624818221_1864206846_n huyen_plus_dish

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TI vs DSF Chess Battle 2015

On the 26th of March, the annual face-off between the chess masters of TI and DSF lead to an unpreceded outcome: TI and DSF students played chess together in a four round intense competition with mathces of 20 minutes each. After the general tournament a selection of DSF and TI representative faced each other. In the ensuing battle, the DSF team crushed TI team to claim the DSF-TI Chess Tournament for the first time in history.

11087395_10153191625063221_1030228074_n 11096977_10153191625648221_450072807_n 11106202_10153191625123221_1269930495_n 11106474_10153191625598221_1964233368_n 11115926_10153191625368221_1154748131_n

The End of Block Dinner Meets the Asian New Year

At the end of the third block, a cheering and numerous group of TI students went to Nam Kee restaurant to celebrate the beginning of the new Asian year and enjoy the Chinese delicatessen offered in this excellent venue!

Ice Skating 2015

We have to face it, the autumn is over and the spring is still far away. The cold is here to stay for a while.. But there is also a bright side to it- this is the perfect season for one of the most fun activities of the year: the ice-skating evening!

Friday February 13: This might be the warmest evening of this winter, as we were ice skating in the large outdoor ice-ring at Jaap Eden Ijsbaan  and drank some hot chocolate and gluhwein in the picnic area!

Sinterklaas 2014

The 2014 Sinterklaas celebration took place on Thursday, December 4, 6.30-10 pm at TIA.  Traditionally, the event included funny presents, poems, pepernoten, glühwein, and of course Sinterklaas.


October, 24: End of Block Dinner

Finally it is time to relax: after seven weeks of intensive course-work and one week full of exams, TI MPhil students gathered at Café Skek to celebrate the end of the first block of the new year!

Introduction Weekend 2014

Soon after their arrival in the Netherlands, the new students enjoyed a weekend off in the Dutch seaside of Scheveningen, The Hague. The event was a great occasion to get a flavor of the Dutch culture and get acquainted with some of the students from the 2013-2015 cohort.

Introduction Weekend 2014 Introduction Weekend 2014 Introduction Weekend 2014 Introduction Weekend 2014 Introduction Weekend 2014 Introduction Weekend 2014

TI Variety Show 2014

Re-calling the fun from last year, the student council again organized the variety show at Griffioen Cultural Center, Uilenstede, on Wednesday May 28.



Zuidas Run 2014

The 6th edition of the Zuidas Run, a running competition, took place on Sunday May 25. PhD student Maximilian Hoyer set up a team representing the Tinbergen Institute for the distance of 10 miles. The competition was perhaps harder this year and the TI team ended 21st out of 89 teams. For more general information about the Zuidas Run please take a look here.

TIA vs. DSF Chess Tournament 2014

On May 12, 2014, the TI Students Council and GM David Smerdon organized again a small fun chess tournament for the chess-loving economists. The event included an individual tournament as well as the annual TI-DSF Challenge. In a suspenseful match the TI team was able to defend last year’s win and keeps the challenge cup for another year. In the individual tournament, a total of 17 Master and PhD students participated, with fresher Albert-Jan Hummel (1st year MPhil) emerging as the undefeated champion, followed by Ben Loerakker (CREED, PhD) and Andries Van Vlodrop (2nd year MPhil) on second and third place.

Dutch Economists Indoor Football Tournament 2014

A team representing the Tinbergen Institute took part in this coveted indoor football tournament for economists, which took place on April 10, 2014 at Sporthallen Zuid in Amsterdam. The TI team ended up in a honorable sixth place out of 13 teams.

International Dinner 2014

Annual event that took place at the end of blok III of the academic year.

Ice Skating 2014

The Dutch people go crazy for the ice, and so do we! On January 24, the Student Council organized an activity to help you integrating in the Dutch culture: an ice-skating evening! No, we did not (yet) have the power to freeze the canals, but we went to the Jaap Eden Ijsbaan, where we had over 400 meters of ice-ring to show off our ice-skating skills.

End-of-the-block-dinner after Blok III on Friday night February 28, 2014

This time the traditional end-of-block dinner was held at the Indian Restaurant Murugan on Rozengracht, chosen after a recommendation by our fellow Indian PhD student. The dinner brought 15 First and Second year students and PhD students together.

Ice Skating 2013

The Dutch people go crazy for the ice, and so do we! On January 24, the Student Council organized an activity to help you integrating in the Dutch culture: an ice-skating evening! No, we did not (yet) have the power to freeze the canals, but we went to the Jaap Eden Ijsbaan, where we had over 400 meters of ice-ring to show off our ice-skating skills.

Sinterklaas 2013

The 2013 Sinterklaas celebration was held on the evening of December 5 at TI Amsterdam. Traditionally, the event included funny presents, poems, pepernoten, glühwein, and of course Sinterklaas and his ‘Zwarte Piets’.


End-of-the-block-dinner after Block I on Friday night October 25, 2013

At the end of the first block of the new academic year, the Students’ Council organized the traditional end-of-block dinner at Pizzeria Rimini, Leidseplein. After a tiring week of exams, about 17 students joined this joyful dinner.

Introduction Weekend 2013

The Introduction Weekend for the new TI students took place at the beach of Scheveningen, The Hague on 7-9 September 2013.


TI Variety Show 2013

On Friday 7th June the Student Council organized the first edition of the Variety Show. It was an evening filled with virtuoso piano recitals, stunning songs, vivacious dances, blindfold chess, incredible martial arts demonstrations and much more! It was a highly enjoyable evening for the audience and we hope it will become an annual tradition.

DSF vs. TIA Chess Tournament 2013

The first-ever DSF vs. TIA Chess Tournament was held on Friday 25th January. Each team had 8 members, and there were two rounds of 1 hour each. TIA won the tournament.

Round 1 Round 2
PiotrDenderski 1-0 MariusZoican Luca 0-1 Barand
ShawnyXiao 0-1 OlegPirogovskiy David 1-0 Mariette
LennartZiegler 0-1 ShawnXiang Swapnil 0-1 Hafsa
AndriesvanVlodrop 1-0 GeraldScholman Sandor 0-1 Marios
SandorSovago 1-0 MariosSpiropoulos Andries 1-0 Oleg
LucaPegorari 0-1 MarietteBotes Shawny 1-0 Gerald
DavidSmerdon 1-0 BarandvanDrooge Piotr 1-0 Shawn
SwapnilSingh 0-1 HafsaHassan Lenny 0.5-0.5 Marius



TIA Chess Tournament 2013

For the first time in 8 (!) years, we had the Tinbergen Chess Championships in TIA on Friday 23rd November. Registration started 12.30 pm coupled with a similarly delicious lunch, with the first round kicking off shortly afterwards. The champion for 2012 was Theo Offerman, followed by Sandor Sovago and Matze Weber.

Everyone deep in thought
Everyone deep in thought


Shawny vs. Tong
Shawny vs. Tong
Sandor concentrating on a move
Sandor concentrating on a move
Calculating the winning move
Calculating the winning move


Sinterklaas 2012

The 2012 Sinterklaas celebration was held on evening on 7th December at TI Amsterdam. Events included a Secret Sinterklaas, where the sender needs to give a present accompanied by a funny poem, and musical performances from TI students.

77008_10151231041842633_743163809_n 577838_10151231042077633_1767962600_n


Introduction Day 2012

This year, the TI Introduction Weekend 2012 took place on 8 – 9 September 2012 in the beautiful city of Utrecht. Highlights include cycling on the canals and a big barbecue to celebrate the beginning of the school year.

introduction day 2 ti introduction day


Sinterklaas 2011

DSC02594 DSC02550
DSC02542 DSC02570
DSC02568 DSC02545


Introduction Day 2011

DSC02480 DSC02475



Ice Skating 2010

Ice Skating 2010
Ice Skating 2011