After graduating from the MPhil, most students transfer to three-year PhD positions at the three economics faculties that make up TI. The number of PhD positions offered by the faculties varies each year. In a typically year, however, all students who pass the MPhil can transfer to a PhD position.

TI fellows, researchers with excellent international credentials, are available for thesis supervision. This means that TI can offer expert supervision in almost any specialized field of economics, econometrics or finance. In many cases, the MPhil thesis supervisor will fulfill the role of PhD thesis supervisor. Our students benefit from individually-based supervision by TI fellows. Usually, TI fellows only supervise one to five (in rare cases) PhD students at the same time. Read more about matching with a thesis supervisor

Benjamin on his smooth transition to the PhD program:

Tereick, Benjamin

2nd year PhD student Benjamin Tereick
(MPhil 2016)

“From the beginning, TI MPhil students are treated more like junior researchers than like students. Classes are given by TI research fellows who are leading in their field, giving you constant high-quality feedback on your work and encouraging you to join the discussion. We learned how to shape vague ideas into well-defined questions and solution approaches, all in a manner that is convincing to specialists.

This experience proved very helpful when talking to potential supervisors for my MPhil and PhD thesis. TI teachers were readily available to discuss ideas; they gave not only useful suggestions, but also an indication of how your work would resonate in the academic community. I felt very comfortable in these meetings and also sensed considerable respect for the MPhil program and its students.

My fellow students share my experience. Thus, it is no surprise that most of us got their “first choice” PhD position and many could decide between various offers.”