“TI core courses in the first year are really tough. I guess most of us have more or less murmured at the end of the term, “I sure am glad I don’t have to do this ever again in my life!” Despite that, I still feel grateful for this challenging year because it has indeed laid a solid foundation for my future research. It’s taught me perseverance and has developed in me an open mind. More importantly, I’ve became very close friends with my fellow students – and I’ll never forget the countless late nights we spent together at TI studying and working on the assignments.

Although our first year of training has been intensive, we found a great deal to enjoy. We organized outdoor trips, picnics and BBQ for nature-lovers – all of them great fun, although it must be admitted that picking a sunny day for such an outdoor activity may present somewhat of a challenge of its own in the Netherlands! We also organized a TI Variety Show for our musical geniuses, talented comedians, singers, dancers and those who love performing on the stage. Another exciting activity is the TI office football pool for UEFA Champions League! Football enthusiasts: this is something you should never miss! Every participant seems to have great fun in playing this little gambling game.

TI draws students from all over the world. Interacting with fellow students at TI – it’s such a culturally diverse mix – has been a tremendous experience.”