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Prof. Jose L. Moraga-Gonzalez, Ph.D.

Welcome to my homepage! I am Professor of Microeconomics at the VU University Amsterdam (4 days/week) and Professor of Industrial Organization at the University of Groningen (1 day/week). I teach Regulation and Competition Policy at the Amsterdam University College, and Industrial Organization at the Tinbergen Institute. At the Tinbergen Institute I am also member of the Supervising Board, as well as Placement Director. For our placement record and our current students in the job market click here.


I am also affiliated as research fellow with the Tinbergen Institute, CEPR, CESifo, SOM and the Private-Public Sector Research Center (PPSRC) of the IESE Business School.


I am associate editor of the Journal of Industrial Economics, International Journal of Industrial Organization and the Spanish Economic Review.


Below you find a list of recent research papers with links to updated versions, as well as list of recent research activities I have organized.

Recent publications:


“Anti-Dumping, Intra-industry Trade and Quality Reversals” (with Jean-Marie Viaene), International Economic Review, forthcoming. (Paper)

“Search Costs, Demand-Side Economies and the Incentives to Merge under Bertrand Competition” (with V. Petrikaite), The Rand Journal of Economics 44-3, 391-424, 2013. (Paper) (Long version)

“Semi-Nonparametric Estimation of Consumer Search Costs (with Zsolt Sandor and Matthijs Wildenbeest), Journal of Applied Econometrics 28, 1205-1223, 2013. (Paper)

“Comparison Sites,” (with M. Wildenbeest), Handbook of the Digital Economy, 2012. (Paper)

“Competing for Attention in a Consumer Search Model” (with M. Haan), The Economic Journal, 2011. (Paper) (Long-appendix)

”Platform Intermediation in a Market for Differentiated Products" (with A. Galeotti), European Economic Review, 2009. (Paper)

“Hybrid R&D” (with S.Goyal & A. Konovalov), Journal of the European Economic Association, 2008. (Paper)

“Maximum Likelihood Estimation of Search Costs” (with M. Wildenbeest), European Economic Review, 2008. (Paper)

“Advertising, Segmentation and Prices” (with A. Galeotti), International Journal of Industrial Organization, 2008. (Paper)


Recent work:


“Prices, Product Differentiation and Heterogeneous Search Costs” (with Zsolt Sandor and Matthijs Wildenbeest) (Paper)

“Advertising, Consumer Search and Product Differentiation (with Marco Haan and Vaiva Petrikaite) (Slides)

“Consumer Search and Prices in the Automobile Market (with Zsolt Sandor and Matthijs Wildenbeest) (Paper)

“Transportation Pricing and Market Power in the Natural Gas Industry” (with R. van Eijkel and M. Haan).

“Do Firms Sell Forward for Strategic Reasons? An Application to the Market for Natural Gas” (with R. van Eijkel), Tinbergen Institute Discussion Paper # TI 2010-058/1, The Netherlands, June 2010. (Revised 2012, Paper)

“Heterogeneous Price Information and the Effect of Competition” (with S. Lach), CEPR Discussion Paper 7319, June 2009. (Revised 2012, Paper)

“On the Identification of the Costs of Simultaneous Search,” (with Zsolt Sandor and Matthijs Wildenbeest), Tinbergen Institute DP# 2010-066/1, The Netherlands, 2010. (Paper)

“Structural Estimation of Search Intensity: Do Non-employed Workers Search Enough?” (joint with P. Gautier and R. Wolthoff), Tinbergen Institute DP# 2007-071/3, The Netherlands, 2007. (Paper)

“Strategic Wage Setting and Coordination Frictions with Multiple Applications” (with Pieter Gautier), Tinbergen Institute DP# 2004-063/1, The Netherlands, June 2004.




“2nd Workshop on Search and Switching Costs,” May 23-24, 2011, University of Groningen. (Program)

“3rd Conference on the Economics of Advertising and Marketing,” June 11, 12, 2010, IESE Business School. (Program)


To see earlier publications, follow this link.