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Prof. Jose L. Moraga-Gonzalez, Ph.D.



I am Professor of Microeconomics at the department of economics of the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (4 days/week) and Professor of Industrial Organization at the department of economics, econometrics and finance of the University of Groningen (1 day/week).


I teach Microeconomics at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, Game Theory and Industrial Organization at the Tinbergen Institute, and Regulation and Competition Policy at the Amsterdam University College.


I am also affiliated as research fellow with the Tinbergen Institute, CEPR, CESifo, SOM, CERRE and the Private-Public Sector Research Center (PPSRC) of the IESE Business School.


I am associate editor of the Journal of Industrial Economics and the International Journal of Industrial Organization. I have also served at the Spanish Economic Review.


Below you find a list of recent research papers with links to updated versions, as well as a list of research activities I have (co-)organized not so long ago.



For a complete list of publications, follow this link.


Forthcoming articles:


·      “Asymmetric Price Effects of Competition” (with S. Lach), The Journal of Industrial Economics, forthcoming. (Paper)(OnlineAppendix).


Recently published articles:


·      “Prices and Heterogeneous Search Costs” (with Zsolt Sandor and Matthijs Wildenbeest), The RAND Journal of Economics, 48-1, 125-146, 2017. (Paper)(OnlineAppendix).

·      “Non-sequential Search Equilibrium with Search Cost Heterogeneity” (with Zsolt Sandor and Matthijs Wildenbeest), International Journal of Industrial Organization, 50, 392-414, 2017. (Paper).

·       “Do Firms Sell Forward for Strategic Reasons? An Application to the Market for Natural Gas” (with R. van Eijkel and G. Kuper), International Journal of Industrial Organization, 49, 1-35, 2016. (Paper).


Working papers:


·       “Competitive Sequential Search Equilibrium” (with Makoto Watanabe) (Paper).

·       “Quality Provision and Welfare in Search Markets” (with Yajie Sun) (Paper).

·       “Consumer Search and Prices in the Automobile Market” (with Zsolt Sandor and Matthijs Wildenbeest) (Paper).

·       “Price and Match-Value Advertising with Directed Consumer Search (with Marco Haan and Vaiva Petrikaite) (Paper).

·       “On the Identification of the Costs of Simultaneous Search,” (with Zsolt Sandor and Matthijs Wildenbeest). (Paper).

·       “Strategic Wage Setting and Coordination Frictions with Multiple Applications” (with Pieter Gautier).




·       “2nd Workshop on Search and Switching Costs,” May 23-24, 2011, University of Groningen. (Program)

·       “3rd Conference on the Economics of Advertising and Marketing,” June 11, 12, 2010, IESE Business School. (Program)


E-mail: j.l.moragagonzalez AT