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Home | People | Dana Sisak

Dana Sisak

Research Fellow

Erasmus University Rotterdam
Research field
Organizations and Markets
Entrepreneurship, Experimental Economics, Personnel Economics, Political Economy

List of publications

Denter, P., Morgan, J. and Sisak, D. (2021). Showing Off or Laying Low? The Economics of Psych-outs American Economic Journal: Microeconomics, :.

Morgan, J., Sisak, D. and Várdy, F. (2018). The Ponds Dilemma Economic Journal, 128(611):1634--1682.

Hernandez, P., Minor, D. and Sisak, D. (2017). Do People Who Care About Others Cooperate More? Experimental Evidence from Relative Incentive Pay Experimental Economics, 20(4):809--835.

Denter, P. and Sisak, D. (2016). Head Starts in Dynamic Tournaments? Economics Letters, 149:94--97.

Morgan, J., Orzen, H., Sefton, M. and Sisak, D. (2016). Strategic and Natural Risk in Entrepreneurship: An Experimental Study Journal of Economics and Management Strategy, 25(2):420--454.

Denter, P. and Sisak, D. (2015). Do Polls Create Momentum in Political Competition? Journal of Public Economics, 130(October):1--14.

Kolmar, M. and Sisak, D. (2014). (In)Efficient Public-Goods Provision Through Contests Social Choice and Welfare, 43(1):239--259.

Sisak, D. (2009). Multiple-Prize Contests Journal of Economic Surveys, 23 (1):82--114.

Sisak, D. (2009). Multiple-Prize Contests - The Optimal Allocation of Prizes Journal of Economic Surveys, 23 (1):82--114.