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Home | People | Patrick Verwijmeren

Patrick Verwijmeren

Research Fellow

Erasmus University Rotterdam
Research field
TI Finance
Corporate Governance, Finance

Key publications

List of publications

Adams,R and Akyol,A and Verwijmeren,P.. 2018. Director skill sets. Journal of Financial Economics, 130, 641--662

Grundy,B. and Verwijmeren,P.. 2018. The buyers’ perspective on security design: Hedge funds and convertible bond call provisions. Journal of Financial Economics, 127, 77--93

Veenman,D. and Verwijmeren,P.. 2018. Do investors fully unravel persistent pessimism in analysts' earnings forecasts?. The Accounting Review, 93, 349--377

Verwijmeren,P. and Wang,R.. 2018. Director attention and firm value. Financial Management, accepted

Akyol,A and Raff,K. and Verwijmeren,P.. 2017. The elimination of broker voting in director elections. Finance Research Letters, 21, 34--39

Berkman,H. and McKenzie,M. and Verwijmeren,P.. 2017. Hole in the wall: Informed short selling ahead of private placements. Review of Finance, 21, 1047--1091

Siganos,A. and Vagenas-Nanos,E. and Verwijmeren,P.. 2017. Divergence of sentiment and stock market trading. Journal of Banking and Finance, 78, 130--141

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De Jong,A. and Rosellon,M.A. and Verwijmeren,P.. 2006. The economic consequences of IFRS: the impact of IAS 32 on preference shares in the Netherlands. European Accounting Review, 15, 169--185