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Home | People | Ton Vorst

Ton Vorst

Research Fellow

Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
Research field
TI Finance
Finance, Risk Management

List of publications

Patrick Houweling and A.C.F. Vorst. 2005. Pricing default swaps: Empirical evidence. Journal of International Money and Finance, 24, 1200--1225, 0261-5606

A.C.F. Vorst and Patrick Houweling. 2005. Comparing possible proxies of corporate bond liquidity. Journal of Banking and Finance, 29, 1331--1358, 0378-4266

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Patrick Houweling and A. Mentink and A.C.F. Vorst. 2004. Valuing Euro Rating-Triggered Step-Up Telecom Bonds. Journal of Derivatives, 11, 63--80

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M. Donders and R. Kouwenberg and A.C.F. Vorst. 2000. Options and Earnings Announcements: An Empirical Study of Volatility,Trading Volume, Open Interest and Liquidity. European Financial Management, 6, 149--171, 1468-036X

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A.C.F. Vorst. 1987. Optimal Housing Maintenance under Uncertainty. Journal of Urban Economics, 21, 209--227, 0094-1190

A.C.F. Vorst. 1986. The Relation Between the Rent and Selling Price of a Building Under Optimal Maintenance with Uncertainty. Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control, 10, 315--320, 0165-1889

F.J.A. Rijk and A.C.F. Vorst. 1983. Equilibrium Points in an Urban Retail Model and their Connection with Dynamical Systems. Regional Science and Urban Economics, 13, 383--399, 0166-0462