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Home | People | Elbert Dijkgraaf

Elbert Dijkgraaf

Research Fellow

Erasmus University Rotterdam
Research field
Spatial Economics
Applied Econometrics, Environmental Economics, Health, Industrial Organization

List of publications

Broberg, T., Dijkgraaf, E. and Meens-Eriksson, S. (2022). Burn or let them bury?: The net social cost of producing district heating from imported waste Energy Economics, 105:.

Eriksson, J., Broberg, T. and Dijkgraaf, E.(. (2022). Burn it or let them bury it? Energy Economics, 105:.

Dijkgraaf, E. and Gradus, R. (2021). Are bottle banks sufficiently effective for increasing glass recycling rates? Sustainability, 13(17):1--11.

Dijkgraaf, E. and Gradus, R.H.J.M. (2020). Post-collection separation of plastic waste: better for the environment and lower collection Environmental and Resource Economics, :.

Dijkgraaf, E., van Dorp, T.P. and Maasland, E. (2018). On the effectiveness of feed-in tariffs in the development of photovoltaic solar: An empirical analysis of the OECD region Energy Journal, 39(1):81--99.

Dijkgraaf, E. and Gradus, R.H.J.M. (2017). An EU Recycling Target: What Does the Dutch Evidence Tell Us? Environmental and Resource Economics, 68(3):501--526.

Gradus, R.H.J.M., Koppen van, R., Dijkgraaf, E. and Nillesen, P.H.L. (2017). A Cost-Effectiveness Analysis for Incineration or Recycling of Dutch Household Plastics Ecological Economics, 135:22--28.

Dijkgraaf, E. and Gradus, R.H.J.M. (2015). Efficiency effects of waste pricing systems and institutional choices Environmental and Resource Economics, 61(4):641--658.

Dijkgraaf, E., Gradus, R.H.J.M. and de Jong, M. (2013). Competition and educational quality: Evidence from the Netherlands Empirica, 40(4):607--634.

Dijkgraaf, E. and Gradus, R.H.J.M. (2013). Cost advantage cooperations larger than private waste collectors Applied Economics Letters, 20(7):702--705.

Bettendorf, L.J.H. and Dijkgraaf, E. (2011). The bicausal relation between religion and income Applied Economics, 43(11):1351--1363.

Bettendorf, L. and Dijkgraaf, E. (2010). Religion and income: heterogeneity between countries Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, 74(1-2):12--29.

Dijkgraaf, E. and Gradus, R.H.J.M. (2009). Environmental activism and dynamics of unit-based pricing systems Resource and Energy Economics, 31:13--23.

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Dijkgraaf, E. and Vollebergh, H.R.J. (2004). Burn of bury? A social cost comparison of waster disposal methods Ecological Economics, 50:233--247.

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