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Home | People | Dennie van Dolder

Dennie van Dolder

Research Fellow

Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
Research field
TI Finance
Experimental Economics, Game Theory, Risk And Uncertainty

List of publications

Aurélien Baillon and Ning Liu and van Dolder, Dennie. 2017. Comparing uncertainty aversion towards different sources. Theory and Decision, 83, 0040-5833

G. Baltussen and van den Assem, M.J. and van Dolder, Dennie. 2016. Risky Choice in the Limelight. Review of Economics and Statistics, 98, 318--332, 0034-6535

Mohammed Abdellaoui and Han Bleichrodt and Olivier L'Haridon and van Dolder, Dennie. 2016. Measuring Loss Aversion under Ambiguity: A Method to Make Prospect Theory Completely Observable. Journal of Risk and Uncertainty, 52, 1--20, 0895-5646

van Dolder, Dennie and van den Assem, M.J. and C.F. Camerer and R.H. Thaler. 2015. Standing United or Falling Divided? High Stakes Bargaining in a TV Game Show. American Economic Review, 105, 402--407, 0002-8282