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Home | People | Michiel Gerritse

Michiel Gerritse

Research Fellow

Erasmus University Rotterdam
Research field
Spatial Economics
Economic Geography, Globalization, International Economics, Regional and Urban Economics, Spatial Economics, Trade

List of publications

Gerritse, M.J.A. (2019). World Trade Evolution: Growth, Productivity and Employment (Eds Ing and Yu) Journal of Regional Science, 59(5):.

Gerritse, M.J.A. and Rodríguez-Pose, A (2018). Does federal contracting spur development? Federal contracts, income, output, and jobs in US cities Journal of Urban Economics, 107:121--135.

Gerritse, M.J.A. (2018). Masters of Craft Papers in Regional Science, 97(3):.

Koster, H.R.A., Cheng, F.F., Gerritse, M.J.A. and van Oort, F.G. (2018). Place-based policies, firm productivity, and displacement effects: Evidence from Shenzhen, China Journal of Regional Science, :.

Gerritse, M.J.A. (2017). Concrete agglomeration benefits: do roads improve urban productivity or just attract people? Regional Studies, 52(8):1134--1149.

Gerritse, M.J.A. (2016). Does institutional change spread across countries? Explaining spatial patterns in human rights. The World Economy, 40(5):906--930.

Gerritse, M.J.A. (2014). Competing for firms under agglomeration: Policy timing and welfare Regional Science and Urban Economics, 49:48--57.

Gerritse, M.J.A. and Faber, G. (2012). Foreign determinants of local institutions and income: openness and spatial dependence European Journal of Political Economy, 28(1):54--63.

Gerritse, M.J.A. and Moreno-Monroy, A.I. (2012). Informal sector and manufacturing location: in search of the missing links. Spatial Economic Analysis, 7(2):179--201.