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Home | People | Raymond Gradus

Raymond Gradus

Research Fellow

Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
Research field
Spatial Economics
Accounting, Environmental Economics, Labor, Public Economics, Public Finance

List of publications

E. Dijkgraaf and R.H.J.M. Gradus. 2017. An EU Recycling Target: What Does the Dutch Evidence Tell Us?. Environmental and Resource Economics, 68, 501–526, 0924-6460

R.H.J.M. Gradus and P Nillesen and E. Dijkgraaf and Koppen, R. van. 2017. A Cost-Effectiveness Analysis for Incineration or Recycling of Dutch Household Plastics. Ecological Economics, 135, 22--28, 0921-8009

G. Bel and R.H.J.M. Gradus. 2016. Effects of unit-based pricing on household waste collection demand: A meta-regression analysis. Resource and Energy Economics, 44, 169--182, 0928-7655

E. Dijkgraaf and R.H.J.M. Gradus. 2015. Efficiency Effects of Unit-based Pricing Systems and Institutional Choices of Waste Collection. Environmental and Resource Economics, 61, 641--658, 0924-6460

R.H.J.M. Gradus and E. Dijkgraaf and de Jong, M.. 2013. Competition and educational quality: evidence from the Netherlands. Empirica, 40, 607--634, 0340-8744

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E. Dijkgraaf and R.H.J.M. Gradus. 2013. Cost advantage cooperations larger than private waste collectors. Applied Economics Letters, 20, 707--705, 1350-4851

R.H.J.M. Gradus and E. Dijkgraaf. 2009. Environmental activism and dynamics of unit-based pricing. Resource and Energy Economics, 31, 13--23, 0928-7655

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R.H.J.M. Gradus and E. Dijkgraaf. 2004. Cost savings of unit-based pricing of household waste: The case of the Netherlands. Resource and Energy Economics, 26, 353--371, 0928-7655