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Home | People | Jolanda Hessels

Jolanda Hessels

Research Fellow

Erasmus University Rotterdam
Organizations and Markets
(international) factor mobility, development, entrepreneurship

List of publications

Darnihamedani,P. and Hessels,J. and Block,J.H. and Simonyan,A.. 2018. Taxes, start-up costs, and innovative entrepreneurship. Small Business Economics, 51, 355--369

Hessels,J. and Arampatzi,E. and van der Zwan,P.W. and Burger,M.J.. 2018. Life satisfaction and self-employment in different types of occupations. Applied Economics Letters, 25, 734--740

Hessels,J. and Naude,W.. 2018. The intersection of the fields of entrepreneurship and development economics: A review towards a new view. Journal of Economic Surveys, in press

van der Zwan,P.W. and Hessels,J. and Rietveld,C.A.. 2018. Self-employment and satisfaction with life, work, and leisure. Journal of Economic Psychology, 64, 73--88

Hessels,J. and Rietveld,C.A. and van der Zwan,P.W.. 2014. Unraveling two myths about entrepreneurs. Economics Letters, 122, 435--438

Millan,J.M. and Hessels,J. and Thurik,R. and Aguado,R.. 2013. Determinants of job satisfaction: A European comparison of self-employed and paid employees. Small Business Economics, 40, 651--670

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Hessels,J. and Grilo,I. and Thurik,A.R. and van der Zwan,P.W.. 2011. Entrepreneurial exit and entrepreneurial engagement. Journal of Evolutionary Economics, 21, 447--471

Hessels,J. and Terjesen,S.. 2010. Resource dependency and institutional theory perspectives on direct and indirect export choices. Small Business Economics, 34, 203--220

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de Clercq,D. and Hessels,J. and van Stel,A.J.. 2008. Knowledge spillovers and new ventures' export orientation. Small Business Economics, 31, 283--303

Hessels,J. and van Gelderen,M.W. and Thurik,A.R.. 2008. Entrepreneurial motivations, aspirations and their drivers. Small Business Economics, 31, 323--339