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Home | People | Hans van Kippersluis

Hans van Kippersluis

Research Fellow

Erasmus University Rotterdam
Research field
Empirical Microeconomics
Applied Econometrics, Education, Health, Inequality, Microeconometrics, Microeconomic Theory

List of publications

Galama, T.J. and van Kippersluis, J.L.W. (2018). A Theory of Socioeconomic Disparities in Health over the Life Cycle Economic Journal, :.

Hsieh, C.S. and van Kippersluis, J.L.W. (2018). Smoking Initiation: Peers and Personality Quantitative Economics, 9(2):825--863.

Ravesteijn, B., van Kippersluis, J.L.W. and van Doorslaer, E.K.A. (2018). The Wear and Tear on Health: What is the Role of Occupation? Health Economics, 27(2):e69--e86.

van Kippersluis, J.L.W. and Rietveld, C.A. (2018). Beyond Plausibly Exogenous Econometrics Journal, 21(3):316--331.

Koc, H. and van Kippersluis, J.L.W. (2017). Thought for Food: Nutritional Information and Educational Disparities in Diet Journal of Human Capital, 11(4):508--552.

Bijwaard, G.E. and van Kippersluis, J.L.W. (2016). Efficiency of Health Investment: Education or Intelligence? Health Economics, 25(9):1056--1072.

Bijwaard, G.E., van Kippersluis, J.L.W. and Veenman, J. (2015). Education and Health: the Role of Cognitive Ability Journal of Health Economics, 42:29--43.

Rietveld, C.A., van Kippersluis, J.L.W. and Thurik, A.R. (2015). Self-employment and Health: Barriers or Benefits? Health Economics, 24(10):1302--1313.

van Kippersluis, J.L.W. and Galama, T.J. (2014). Wealth and Health Behavior: Testing the Concept of a Health Cost European Economic Review, 72:197--220.

Garcia Gomez, M.P., van Kippersluis, J.L.W., O'Donnell, O.A. and van Doorslaer, E.K.A. (2013). Long Term and Spillover Effects of Health Shocks on Employment and Income Journal of Human Resources, 48(4):873--909.

van Kippersluis, J.L.W., O'Donnell, O.A. and van Doorslaer, E.K.A. (2011). Long Run Returns to Education: Does Education lead to an Extended Old Age? Journal of Human Resources, 46(4):695--721.

van Kippersluis, J.L.W., Van Ourti, T.G.M., O' Donnell, O. and van Doorslaer, E.K.A. (2009). Health and Income across the Life Cycle and Genererations in Europe Journal of Health Economics, 28(4):818--830.