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Home | People | Hans van Kippersluis

Hans van Kippersluis

Research Fellow

Erasmus University Rotterdam
Empirical Microeconomics
applied econometrics, education, health, inequality, microeconometrics, microeconomic theory

List of publications

Galama,T.J. and van Kippersluis,J.L.W.. 2018. A Theory of Socioeconomic Disparities in Health over the Life Cycle. Economic Journal

Hsieh,C.S. and van Kippersluis,J.L.W.. 2018. Smoking Initiation: Peers and Personality. Quantitative Economics, 9, 825--863

Ravesteijn,B. and van Kippersluis,J.L.W. and van Doorslaer,E.K.A.. 2018. The Wear and Tear on Health: What is the Role of Occupation?. Health Economics, 27, e69--e86

van Kippersluis,J.L.W. and Rietveld,C.A.. 2018. Beyond Plausibly Exogenous. Econometrics Journal, 21, 316--331

Koc,H. and van Kippersluis,J.L.W.. 2017. Thought for Food: Nutritional Information and Educational Disparities in Diet. Journal of Human Capital, 11, 508--552

Bijwaard,G.E. and van Kippersluis,J.L.W.. 2016. Efficiency of Health Investment: Education or Intelligence?. Health Economics, 25, 1056--1072

Bijwaard,G.E. and van Kippersluis,J.L.W. and Veenman,J.. 2015. Education and Health: the Role of Cognitive Ability. Journal of Health Economics, 42, 29--43

Rietveld,C.A. and van Kippersluis,J.L.W. and Thurik,A.R.. 2015. Self-employment and Health: Barriers or Benefits?. Health Economics, 24, 1302--1313

van Kippersluis,J.L.W. and Galama,T.J.. 2014. Wealth and Health Behavior: Testing the Concept of a Health Cost. European Economic Review, 72, 197--220

Garcia Gomez,M.P. and van Kippersluis,J.L.W. and O'Donnell,O.A. and van Doorslaer,E.K.A.. 2013. Long Term and Spillover Effects of Health Shocks on Employment and Income. Journal of Human Resources, 48, 873--909

van Kippersluis,J.L.W. and O'Donnell,O.A. and van Doorslaer,E.K.A.. 2011. Long Run Returns to Education: Does Education lead to an Extended Old Age?. Journal of Human Resources, 46, 695--721

van Kippersluis,J.L.W. and Van Ourti,T.G.M. and O' Donnell,O. and van Doorslaer,E.K.A.. 2009. Health and Income across the Life Cycle and Genererations in Europe. Journal of Health Economics, 28, 818--830