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Home | People | Iman van Lelyveld

Iman van Lelyveld

Research Fellow

Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
Research field
TI Finance
Banking, Regulation, Risk Management

List of publications

Kartik Anand and van Lelyveld, Iman and Ádám Banai and Soeren Friedrich and Rodney Garratt and Grzegorz Hałaj and Jose Fique and Ib Hansen and Jaramillo, Serafín Martínez and Hwayun Lee and Molina-Borboa, José Luis and Stefano Nobili and Sriram Rajan and Dilyara Salakhova and Silva, Thiago Christiano and Laura Silvestri and de Souza, Sergio Rubens Stancato. 2018. The missing links: A global study on uncovering financial network structures from partial data. Journal of Financial Stability, 35, 107--119, 1572-3089

Francisco Blasques and Falk Bräuning and Lelyveld, Iman van. 2018. A dynamic network model of the unsecured interbank lending market. Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control, 90, 310--342, 0165-1889

C. Bonner and van Lelyveld, I.P.P. and R. Zymek. 2015. Contextual factors in liquidity risk. Journal of Financial Services Research, 48, 215--234, 0920-8550

Yiwei Fang and van Lelyveld, Iman. 2014. Geographic diversification in banking. Journal of Financial Stability, 15, 171--181, 1572-3089

in 't Veld, Daan and van Lelyveld, Iman. 2014. Finding the core: Network structure in interbank markets. Journal of Banking and Finance, 49, 27--40, 0378-4266

De Haas, Ralph and Van Lelyveld, Iman. 2014. Multinational banks and the global financial crisis: Weathering the perfect storm?. Journal of Money, Credit and Banking, 46, 333--364, 0022-2879

van Lelyveld, Iman and Franka Liedorp and Manuel Kampman. 2011. An empirical assessment of reinsurance risk. Journal of Financial Stability, 7, 191--203, 1572-3089

De Haas, Ralph and van Lelyveld, Iman. 2010. Internal capital markets and lending by multinational bank subsidiaries. Journal of Financial Intermediation, 19, 1--25, 1042-9573

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Van Lelyveld, Iman. 1999. Inflation or unemployment? Who cares?. European Journal of Political Economy, 15, 463--484, 0176-2680