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Home | People | Albert Menkveld

Albert Menkveld

Research Fellow

Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
Research field
TI Finance
Finance, Financial Econometrics, Market Microstructure, Time Series Econometrics

Key publications

List of publications

Menkveld, Albert J.. 2018. High-frequency trading as viewed through an electron microscope. Financial Analysts Journal, 74, 24--31, 0015-198X

Menkveld, Albert J. and Yueshen, Bart Zhou and Haoxiang Zhu. 2017. Shades of darkness: A pecking order of trading venues. Journal of Financial Economics, 124, 503--534, 0304-405X

Menkveld, Albert J. and Zoican, Marius A.. 2017. Need for speed? Exchange latency and liquidity. Review of Financial Studies, 30, 1188--1228, 0893-9454

Menkveld, Albert J.. 2016. The Economics of High-Frequency Trading: Taking Stock. Annual Review of Financial Economics, 8, 1--24, 1941-1367

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Hélena Beltran-Lopez and Joachim Grammig and Menkveld, Albert J.. 2012. Limit order books and trade informativeness. European Journal of Finance, 18, 737--759, 1351-847X

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