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Home | People | Sander Onderstal

Sander Onderstal

Research Fellow

University of Amsterdam
Organizations and Markets
auctions, experimental economics, field experiments, game theory, law and economics

Key publications

List of publications

F. Gomez-Martinez and S. Onderstal and J. Sonnemans. 2016. Firm-specific information and explicit collusion in experimental oligopolies. European Economic Review, 82, 132--141, 0014-2921

Y. Yang and S. Onderstal and A. Schram. 2016. Inequity Aversion Revisited. Journal of Economic Psychology, 54, 1--16, 0167-4870

de Groot Ruiz, A. and T. Offerman and S. Onderstal. 2015. Equilibrium selection in experimental cheap talk games. Games and Economic Behavior, 91, 14--25, 0899-8256

S. Onderstal and A.J.H.C. Schram and A.R. Soetevent. 2014. Reprint of: Bidding to give in the field. Journal of Public Economics, 114, 87--100, 0047-2727

J. Hinloopen and S. Onderstal. 2014. Going once, going twice, reported! Cartel activity and the effectiveness of antitrust policies in experimental auctions. European Economic Review, 70, 317--336, 0014-2921

de Groot Ruiz, A. and T. Offerman and S. Onderstal. 2014. For those about to talk we salute you: an experimental study of credible deviations and ACDC. Experimental Economics, 17, 173--199, 1386-4157

S. Onderstal and A.J.H.C. Schram and A.R. Soetevent. 2013. Bidding to give in the field. Journal of Public Economics, 105, 72--85, 0047-2727

J. Vyrastekova and S. Onderstal and P. Koning. 2012. Self-selection and the power of incentive schemes: an experimental study. Applied Economics, 44, 4211--4219, 0003-6846

A. Hu and T. Offerman and S. Onderstal. 2011. Fighting collusion in auctions: an experimental investigation. International Journal of Industrial Organization, 29, 84--96, 0167-7187

A.J.H.C. Schram and S. Onderstal. 2009. Bidding to give: an experimental comparison of auctions for charity. International Economic Review, 50, 431--457, 0020-6598

S. Onderstal. 2009. Bidding for the unemployed: an application of mechanism design to welfare-to-work programs. European Economic Review, 53, 715--722, 0014-2921

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