Research Master students

Tinbergen Institute Research Master students

Tinbergen Institute research master students register for courses by means of the registration mode in Osiris student
First-year students do not have to register for courses in blocks I and II.  Starting from block III, students have to register for the courses of their choice. Second-year students register for field courses and, if applicable, for core courses they have to retake. 

Research Master students from TI partner institutions

Research Master students affiliated to one of the partners of Tinbergen Institute are encouraged to attend courses from TI’s Research Master program. They should register for all courses they would like to attend by sending an email to Fee: 1500 euro per course, to be charged to the student’s department.

TI partners are: School of Business and Econonomics (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam), School of Economics and Business (University of Amsterdam) and Erasmus School of Economics (Erasmus University).