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Home | People | Jan Stoop

Jan Stoop

Research Fellow

Erasmus University Rotterdam
Research field
Behavioral Economics
Environmental Economics, Experimental Economics, Field Experiments

List of publications

Potters,J. and Stoop,J.T.R.. 2016. Do cheaters in the lab also cheat in the field?. European Economic Review, 87, 26--33

Soest, van,D.P. and Stoop,J.T.R. and Vyrastekova,J.. 2016. Towards a delineation of the circumstances in which cooperation can be sustained in environmental and resource problems. Journal of Environmental Economics and Management, 77, 1--13

Noussair,C.N. and Soest, van,D.P. and Stoop,J.T.R.. 2015. Cooperation in a Dynamic Fishing Game: A Framed Field Experiment (AER: Papers and Proceedings). American Economic Review, 105, 1--7

Noussair,C. and Soest, van,D.P. and Stoop,J.T.R.. 2015. Punishment, reward, and cooperation in a framed field experiment. Social Choice and Welfare, Accepted

Noussair,C. and Stoop,J.T.R.. 2015. Time as a medium of reward in three social preference experiments. Experimental Economics, 18, 442--456

Stoop,J.T.R.. 2014. From the lab to the field: envelopes, dictators and manners. Experimental Economics, 17, 304--313

Stoop,J.T.R. and Noussair,C.N. and Soest, van,D.P.. 2012. From the lab to the field: Cooperation among fishermen. The Journal of Political Economy, 120, 1027--1056