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Home | People | Herman van Dijk

Herman van Dijk

Honorary Fellow

Erasmus University Rotterdam
Research field

Key publications

List of publications

Basturk,N. and Cakmakli,C. and Ceyhan,S.P. and van Dijk,H.K.. 2014. Posterior-predictive evidence on US inflation using extended New Keynesian Phillips Curve models with non-filtered data. Journal of Applied Econometrics, 29, 1164--1182

A. Zellner and T. Ando and N. Basturk and L.F. Hoogerheide and van Dijk, H.K.. 2014. Bayesian Analysis of Instrumental Variable Models: Acceptance-Rejection within Direct Monte Carlo. Econometric Reviews, 33, 3--35, 0747-4938

Bilio,M. and Casarin,R. and Ravazzolo,F. and van Dijk,H.K.. 2013. Time-varying combinations of predictive densities using nonlinear filtering. Journal of Econometrics, 177, 213--232

Strachan,R.W. and van Dijk,H.K.. 2013. Evidence on features of a dsge business cycle model from bayesian model averaging. International Economic Review, 54, 385--402

Timmerman,A. and van Dijk,H.K.. 2013. Dynamic econometric modeling and forecasting in the presence of instability. Journal of Econometrics, 177, 131--133

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L.F. Hoogerheide and F. Kleibergen and van Dijk, H.K.. 2007. Natural conjugate priors for the instrumental variables regression model applied to the Angrist-Krueger data. Journal of Econometrics, 138, 63--103, 0304-4076

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