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Home | People | Dennis Fok

Dennis Fok

Research Fellow

Erasmus University Rotterdam
Research field
Applied Econometrics, Marketing, Panel Data

List of publications

Bel,K. and Fok,D. and Paap,R.. 2017. Parameter Estimation in Multivariate Logit Models with Many Binary Choices (forthcoming). Econometric Reviews, 37, 534--550

Jacobs,B.J.D. and Donkers,B. and Fok,D.. 2016. Model-based Purchase Predictions for Large Assortments. Marketing Science, 35, 389--404

Dorotic,M. and Verhoef,P.C. and Fok,D. and Bijmolt,T.H.A.. 2014. Reward redemption effects in a loyalty program when customers choose how much and when to redeem. International Journal of Research in Marketing, 31, 339--355

Horvath,Cs. and Fok,D.. 2013. Moderating Factors of Immediate, Gross, and Net Cross-brand Effects of Price Promotions. Marketing Science, 32, 127--152

Fok,D. and Paap,R. and van Dijk,A.. 2012. A Rank-Ordered Logit Model with Unobserved Heterogeneity in Ranking Capabilities. Journal of Applied Econometrics, 27, 831--846

Peers,Y. and Fok,D. and Franses,P.H.B.F.. 2012. Modeling Seasonality in New Product Diffusion. Marketing Science, 31, 351--364

Fok,D. and Paap,R.. 2009. Modeling category-level purchase timing with brand-level marketing variables. Journal of Applied Econometrics, 24, 469--489

van Everdingen,Y.M. and Fok,D. and Stremersch,S.. 2009. Modeling Global Spillover of New Product Takeoff. Journal of Marketing Research, 46, 637--652

van Nierop,E. and Fok,D. and Franses,P.H.B.F.. 2008. Interaction between shelf layout and marketing effectiveness and its impact on optimizing shelf arrangements. Marketing Science, 27, 1065--1082

Fok,D. and Franses,P.H.B.F.. 2007. Modeling the diffusion of scientific publications. Journal of Econometrics, 139, 376--390

Fok,D. and Franses,P.H.B.F. and Paap,R.. 2007. Seasonality and non-linear price effects in scanner-data based market-response models. Journal of Econometrics, 138, 231--251

Fok,D. and Horvath,Cs. and Paap,R. and Franses,P.H.B.F.. 2006. A hierarchical Bayes error correction model to explain dynamic effects of price changes. Journal of Marketing Research, 43, 443--461

Sloot,L.M. and Fok,D. and Verhoef,P.C.. 2006. The Short- and Long-Term Impact of an Assortment Reduction on Category Sales. Journal of Marketing Research, 43, 536--548

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van Everdingen,Y.M. and Aghina,W.B. and Fok,D.. 2005. Forecasting cross-population innovation diffusion: A Bayesian approach.. International Journal of Research in Marketing, 22, 293--308

Fok,D. and Franses,P.H.B.F.. 2004. Analyzing the effects of a brand introduction on competitive structure using a market share attraction model. International Journal of Research in Marketing, 21, 159--177

Fok,D. and Franses,P.H.B.F.. 2001. Forecasting market shares from models for sales. International Journal of Forecasting, 17, 121--128