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Home | People | Anne Gielen

Anne Gielen

Research Fellow

Erasmus University Rotterdam
Empirical Microeconomics
ageing, health, labor, policy evaluation

List of publications

Garcia Gomez,P. and Gielen,A.C.. 2018. Mortality effects of containing moral hazard: evidence from disability insurance reform. Health Economics, 27, 606--621

Gielen,A.C. and Myers,C and Holmes,J.. 2016. Prenatal testosterone and the Earnings of Men and Women. Journal of Human Resources, 51, 30--61

Caliendo,M. and Gielen,A.C. and Mahlstedt,R.. 2015. Home-ownership, unemployed's job search behavior and post-unemployment outcomes. Economics Letters, 137, 218--221

Gielen,A.C. and Borghans,L. and Luttmer,E.F.P.. 2014. Social support substitution and the earnings rebound: Evidence from a regression discontinuity in disability insurance reform. American Economic Journal: Economic Policy, 6, 34--70

Gielen,A.C. and van Ours,J.C.. 2014. Unhappiness and job finding. Economica, 81, 544--565

Gielen,A.C. and Tatsiramos,K.. 2012. Quit behavior and employment protection. Labour Economics, 19, 624--632

Gielen,A.C. and Kerkhofs,M.J.M. and van Ours,J.C.. 2010. How performance related pay affects productivity and employment. Journal of Population Economics, 23, 291--301

Gielen,A.C. and van Ours,J.C.. 2010. Layoffs, quits and wage negotiations. Economics Letters, 109, 108--111

Gielen,A.C.. 2009. Working hours flexibility and older workers' labor supply. Oxford Economic Papers, 61, 240--274

Gielen,A.C. and van Ours,J.C.. 2006. Age-specific cyclical sensitivity of job turnover and labor mobility. Labour Economics, 13, 493--504