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Home | People | Olivier Marie

Olivier Marie

Research Fellow

Erasmus University Rotterdam
Research field
Empirical Microeconomics
Applied Econometrics, Education, Family Economics, Law And Economics, Policy Evaluation, Welfare Economics

List of publications

Marie,O.R. and Chevalier,A.. 2017. Economic Uncertainty, Parental Selection, and Children’s Educational Outcome.. The Journal of Political Economy, 152, 393--430

Marie,O.R. and Zoelitz,U.. 2017. High Achievers? Cannabis Access and Student Performance. Review of Economic Studies

Marie,O.R. and Vall Castello,J.. 2012. Measuring the (Income) Effect of Disability Insurance Generosity on Labour Market Participation.. Journal of Public Economics, 96, 198--210

Marie,O.R. and Machin,S. and Vujic,S. 2012. Youth Crime and Education Expansion. German Economic Review, 13, 366--384

Marie,O.R. and Machin,S.. 2011. Crime and Police Resources: The Street Crime Initiative. Journal of the European Economic Association, 9, 678--701

Marie,O.R. and Machin,S. and Vujic,S. 2011. The Crime Reducing Effect of Education. Economic Journal, 121, 149-165--NA

Marie,O.R. and Machin,S.. 2006. Crime and Benefit Sanctions. Portuguese Economic Journal, 5, 149--165